Struct shiplift::service::Service[][src]

pub struct Service<'docker> { /* fields omitted */ }

Interface for accessing and manipulating a named docker volume

API Reference:


impl<'docker> Service<'docker>[src]

pub fn new<S>(docker: &'docker Docker, name: S) -> Self where
    S: Into<String>, 

Exports an interface for operations that may be performed against a named service

pub async fn create(&self, opts: &ServiceOptions) -> Result<ServiceCreateInfo>[src]

Creates a new service from ServiceOptions

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pub async fn inspect(&self) -> Result<ServiceDetails>[src]

Inspects a named service’s details

API Reference:

pub async fn delete(&self) -> Result<()>[src]

pub fn logs(
    opts: &LogsOptions
) -> impl Stream<Item = Result<TtyChunk>> + Unpin + 'docker

Returns a stream of logs from a service

API Reference:

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'docker> !RefUnwindSafe for Service<'docker>

impl<'docker> Send for Service<'docker>

impl<'docker> Sync for Service<'docker>

impl<'docker> Unpin for Service<'docker>

impl<'docker> !UnwindSafe for Service<'docker>

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