[][src]Struct shiplift::builder::BuildOptionsBuilder

pub struct BuildOptionsBuilder { /* fields omitted */ }


impl BuildOptionsBuilder[src]

pub fn dockerfile<P>(&mut self, path: P) -> &mut Self where
    P: Into<String>, 

set the name of the docker file. defaults to "DockerFile"

pub fn tag<T>(&mut self, t: T) -> &mut Self where
    T: Into<String>, 

tag this image with a name after building it

pub fn remote<R>(&mut self, r: R) -> &mut Self where
    R: Into<String>, 

pub fn nocache(&mut self, nc: bool) -> &mut Self[src]

don't use the image cache when building image

pub fn rm(&mut self, r: bool) -> &mut Self[src]

pub fn forcerm(&mut self, fr: bool) -> &mut Self[src]

pub fn network_mode<T>(&mut self, t: T) -> &mut Self where
    T: Into<String>, 

bridge, host, none, container:<name|id>, or a custom network name.

pub fn memory(&mut self, memory: u64) -> &mut Self[src]

pub fn cpu_shares(&mut self, cpu_shares: u32) -> &mut Self[src]

pub fn build(&self) -> BuildOptions[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Default for BuildOptionsBuilder[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for BuildOptionsBuilder

impl Send for BuildOptionsBuilder

impl Sync for BuildOptionsBuilder

impl Unpin for BuildOptionsBuilder

impl UnwindSafe for BuildOptionsBuilder

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